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dns /etc/hosts http links are redirecting but https links are not redirecting Ask Ubuntu.
up vote 6 down vote. /etc/hosts does not care about protocols it handles host names. Moreover // is not a comment character in /etc/hosts. should be enough for redirecting both http and https. Do you run a service listening for https connections on your localhost? share improve this answer. answered Aug 2 12 at 1032. 4809 1 13 23. leave those commnents i just entered them here. My use case isin my website some parts of the code can be tested only with the domain name and my website uses https. So if it is just http i can test locally with the domain name.
GitHub StevenBlack/hosts Extending and consolidating hosts files from several well-curated sources like and potentially others. You can optionally invoke extensions to block additional sites by
The whitelist is not tracked by git so any changes you make won't be overridden when you git pull this repo from origin in the future. What is a hosts file? A hosts file named hosts with no file extension is a plain-text file used by all operating systems to map hostnames to IP addresses. In most operating systems the hosts file is preferential to DNS. Therefore if a domain name is resolved by the hosts file the request never leaves your computer. Having a smart hosts file goes a long way towards blocking malware adware and other irritants. For example to nullify requests to some servers adding these lines to your hosts file will do it.
NameBasedSSLVHostsWithSNI Httpd Wiki.
SSL with Virtual Hosts Using SNI. Using name-based virtual hosts with SSL adds another layer of complication. Without the SNI extension it's not generally possible though a subset of virtual host might work. With SNI it's necessary to consider the configuration carefully to ensure security is maintained. Note this page is just about support that comes with the Apache web server. Alternatives such as mod_gnutls are another topic.
hosts file Wikipedia.
The location of the hosts file in the file system hierarchy varies by operating system. It is usually named hosts without an extension. Operating System Versions Location. NT 2000 XP 5 2003 Vista. 2008 7 2012 8 10. Windows Mobile Windows Phone. Registry key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINECommTcpipHosts. Preferences or System folder. Mac OS X 7. Added through NetInfo or niload. Mac OS X 10.2 and newer. /etc/hosts a symbolic link to /private/etc/hosts 7. /etc/hosts a symbolic link to /system/etc/hosts. iOS 2.0 and newer.
Using Multiple SSL Certificates in Apache with One IP Address.
This restriction causes them to buy multiple IP addresses for regular https websites from their domain host or buy hardware that allows them to utilize multiple network adapters. However with Apache v2.2.12 and OpenSSL v0.9.8j and later you can use a transport layer security TLS called SNI. SNI can secure multiple Apache sites using a single SSL Certificate and use multiple SSL Certificates to secure various websites on a single domain e.g. or across multiple domains www.domain2.comall from a single IP address. The benefits of using SNI are obviousyou can secure more websites without purchasing more IP addresses or additional hardware.
Modify your hosts file.
We love customer feedback. Help us improve our products and service by leaving your comments. Modify your hosts file. Last updated on 2016-06-08. Authored by Rackspace Support. Modifying your hosts file enables you to override the DNS for a domain on that particular machine. This is useful when you want to test your site without the test link prior to going live with SSL verify that an alias site works prior to DNS changes and for other DNS-related reasons. Modifying your hosts file causes your local machine to look directly at the IP address specified.
windows hosts how can I redirect HTTPS site? Server Fault.
up vote 0 down vote favorite. I have that in my host. It works when I use http// But does not work when I use https// Any idea how to use hosts with an HTTPS site? share improve this question. asked Aug 5 15 at 1829. 236 2 3 11. What do you mean exactly by does not work / works? Tero Kilkanen Aug 6 15 at 1842. up vote 1 down vote accepted. HTTP and HTTPS are only the protocol/port which is being used for your request.
Windows hosts how can I redirect HTTPS site? Super User.
I have the following in my CWindowsSystem32driversetchosts. It works when I use http// But does not work when I use https// which gives error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Any idea how to use hosts with an HTTPS site? If not any alternative? share improve this question. edited Aug 5 15 at 1917. 23.5k 9 58 101. asked Aug 5 15 at 1859. pun Aug 5 15 at 1902. both http and https! yarek Aug 5 15 at 1905. Its specially reserved for use in documentation. However I dont see why it wouldnt work for the OP except perhaps cached DNS information. Or are you referring to other trouble? Daniel B Aug 5 15 at 1906.
How to add entry in windows host file such that it can redirect over https Stack Overflow.
share improve this question. asked Jul 16 10 at 1846. 4616 9 43 83. Can't be done with hosts. Pekka Jul 16 10 at 1851. @Pekka Can't be done with https hosts have nothing to do with it. SuitUp Oct 14 12 at 1224. up vote 6 down vote accepted. That's not what the hosts file is for. It's about the hosts that you are referring to. and are hosts. All the hosts file does is associate a host name with an IP address. Nothing else is possible. share improve this answer. answered Jul 16 10 at 1850. 141k 22 188 334.

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